Thursday, 30 June 2005


Tzununa is a small village in a valley surrounded by mountains facing Lake Atitlan. As you can see in the above picture. The people of Tzununa speak Kaqchikel that is a Mayan language. Most women wear their Mayan wuipiles (blouse) and cortes (skirt). Men work mostly in agriculture (corn and coffee). 

The village is not mentioned as a tourist destination in the guide books. If you want to be out of the regular paths we suggest you visit this nice little town and walk around. 

People are very nice and friendly!

When Lomas de Tzununa was being built (2002-2005) we were thinking of a name for the Hotel. At that time, the maps of the Lake Atitlan did not mention Tzununa. So we decided that by using Tzununa in our name we would make people know about the village.